Online courses can be availedthrough two different modes that are tailormade to suit the needs andconvenience of the students. The two modes are namely the interactive mode andthe instructional mode.  However, it ispossible to offer only specific short courses through the online mode. Exceptionsfor specialization courses will be made on a case to case basis. The student isadvised to discuss thoroughly about their preferred courses and time slots  with the course counsellor before registeringfor any of the options.


Courses throughthe interactive mode are conducted through the use of web applications likeSkype. The student and the instructor will communicate through a live streamedvideo where both will be able to share each other’s screen. However, thestudent is always welcome to drop in at the institution during weekends in caseof any clarification required .


This mode offers a brilliant alternate mode of learning through the means of pre-recorded lecture videos. The lecture videos will be available to the registered students through the Classmate Application on Gmail. Students who are struggling to make time for their passion can make use of this option as it is flexible and guided at the same time.  However, the student is always welcome to drop in at the institution during weekends in case of any clarification required .