About Us
BrainMax is the manifestation of the tireless passion of its founders towards the field of Animation, VFX and Gaming. To make these three an integral component of the Indian entertainment industry is one of the goals this venture strives to attain.

However we are aware that this dream will become a reality only when highly competent and skilled individuals are created. The aim of BrainMax is twofold: (a) Introduce the students to highly innovative and creative methods of learning that make them independent thinkers(b) Source the right talents to the right hands at the right time.
BrainMax will soon establish itself as a world class training institution that recognizes the hidden talents of thousands of individuals, who will step up the standards of the Indian entertainment industry in the future.

BrainMax strongly believes that it is the artist that creates and technology is the tool that helps the creative process to gain momentum. All students possess unique potential. Therefore , the organization wishes to create appropriate channels coupled with the suitable technology to help its students produce quality work.

The ambition of the company is to represent Indian companies as an efficient competitor on a global entertainment platform and to make India an important source that creates quality Animators, VFX Artists, Game Designers and VR Developers for the entertainment industries within the country as well.

Brainmax brings with it two decades of experience of its founders who are fully aware of the industry requirements. This makes the institution capable of providing high education standards required for an artist to stand apart and thereby achieve great heights in their chosen field of expertise.