Why to Join Us – (Dean Speaks)

“Small people talk about things!

Average people talk about others!

Great people talk about ideas! ”

Dear students, you are all belonging to the study of Filmmaking and related aesthetics where creativity is the Soul. So you are all very lucky to come under Great people category.

Sharing knowledge acquired through vast field experience practical executions and related subject studies with the students will make the classroom more interesting & fruitful.

Our methodology of teaching always precisely on the points of the day to teach and interacting with students freely, make them clear by question and answer session.

Learning through practical means always stands evergreen in the student mind and easy to reproduce it with creativity.

As Film is the blend of aesthetics and technology, a faculty who have balanced knowledge in both academic and professional site will write the success.

A Normal professor can produce average students and sometimes good, but a special teacher can produce, poor to good and excellent. Here our regular and guest faculties belong to special category of teaching with tremendous knowledge and experience in filmmaking.

As Dean of this institution, I assure that we are committed to produce quality, professional Filmmakers to the par excellence in the Film Industry.

We wish to fulfil your Dream to become a Great Director, Screenplay writer & Cinematographer.

Welcome to Our Film Hub