Who can apply for these courses?

We believe that everyone is capable of pursuing a creative career.Therefore, anyone who has completed 8th grade is eligible for pursuing all our courses except the national and international preparatory courses.

Will I find employment after completing the courses you offer? Is there enough scope for multimedia in the future on a global scale?

Definitely. BrainMax has a course curriculum that is designed with complete knowledge of current industry standards and trends. As multimedia is one of the fastest growing industry in the global entertainment platform, one can find immense amount of employment opportunities regardless of their experience. There are multiple opportunities for all trained talented individuals in all fields like animation, VFX, Gaming, AR and VR.

Do I need proficiency in English to study Animation, VFX and Games?

Since our curriculum’s major focus is on the practical training, proficiency in English is not given priority. We can help you out with ease regardless of your language proficiency.

Why should I join the course?

The Entertainment industry is continuously on the lookout for creative individuals who are capable of bringing new perspectives. So, if you are an individual who is brimming with a passion for art and creativity, this is the right place for you to begin with.

Do you conduct online courses?

Yes. But only Foundation courses and Application based courses are available. Other courses can be availed on request. They will be considered on a case to case basis.

Can the fees be paid on an installment basis?

Yes. For more details on fee structures and installment plans, kindly contact the center manager.

Do I need to have prior knowledge on the 2d/3D sector to join your courses?

Of course, you can. All our course curriculum’s are user friendly. We are here to provide help for everyone from the scratch. We have designed various courses with different specifications keeping the individuality and needs of every student in mind.

Do you have hostel facilities for students coming from out of station?

No. We don’t have our own hostel facility. But we can assist you with finding accommodation in the hostels around our academy. The hostels costs start from 3000 INR per month.

When can I visit the center for enquiry purposes?

We are open on all week days from 7.00 am to 10.00pm. A visit can be planned on weekends for very special cases. Please call us to fix an appointment before visiting us.

Do you have any courses suitable for Home makers?

Yes. There is a range of courses that have a lighter but specific curriculum in digital designing, interior designing and jewel designing. You can choose the ones that is of major interest to you.

Do you have any advanced courses for architecture professionals?

We offer programs that focus on future technology Archviz courses with interactive levels. For Demo, please visit our center