The Professional Diploma Program has course that are more specific within the chosen area of specialization by the student. We clearly understand that it requires more time to master all areas of Animation, Game Design and VFX and not all industries require one to have expertise in all multimedia technologies. Therefore, we have decided to bring to you carefully crafted courses that include combinations of certain technical areas or specific software related to the same which you would like to specialize. Sufficient amount of emphasis is given towards pre-production, production and post production as well.

These courses might be suitable for applicants that have a minimal knowledge of the multimedia industry and are looking to specialize in a specific software or technique. Students who want to gain a foundation into certain industries alone can also sign up for this course.

The Professional Diploma Courses are as follows:

  • BrainMax 3D VFX& Compositing Pro
  • BrainMax 3D Compositing & Commercial Editing Pro
  • BrainMax Autodesk Maya Unlimited Pro
  • BrainMax Digital AD Film Making & Visual Effects
  • BrainMax VR & AR Design for Game Technology
  • BrainMax VR & AR Design for Real Estate

Duration: We offer three different modes for accessing this course.

Normal Track: 18 Months

FastTrack: 12 Months

Express Track: 8 Months

Eligibility: No age limit| Anyone with a passion for a creative career can join