Courses through the interactive mode are conducted through the use of web applications like Skype. The student and the instructor will communicate through a live streamed video where both will be able to share each other’s screen. However, the student is always welcome to drop in at the institution during weekends in case of any clarification required.

Advanced Programs
BrainMax 3D VFX& Compositing Pro
BrainMax 3D Compositing & Commercial Editing Pro
BrainMax Autodesk Maya Unlimited Pro
BrainMax Digital AD Film Making & Visual Effects
BrainMax VR & AR Design for Game Technology

Foundation Programs
BrainMax Digital Design Foundation
BrainMax Rotoscopy Foundation
BrainMax Matchmove Foundation
BrainMax Compositing Foundation
BrainMax Editing Foundation


Duration: 1 hour (3 or 5 days a week)| Timings are flexible

Eligibility: No age limit. Anyone with a passion for creativity can join

Equipment Required: Laptop/PC, Web Camera, Specific Software,Microphone with Internet Facility