This program is designed for students who are focused on building a full-time career in the multimedia Industry from scratch. We have separate courses dedicated to Animation, VFX and Game Designing. All courses start from the basics and move towards a specialization in its final stages. While the Alpha courses are a combination of Animation and VFX studies, the Beta courses concentrates on a more specific area. This allows the student to pick and choose which technology is of their interest and eliminate the process of spending time learning the others.

All individual courses cover the pre-production, production and post production aspects of the area of specialization. In addition, it concentrates exclusively on all the related software essential to master the student’s choice of media. Particularly, the Game design dedicates a significant part of its curriculum on coding as well.

The hours required to spend on the respective courses depend on the mode of study chosen. For more details please contact the course counsellor.

The Master Certification Courses are:

  • BrainMax Alpha 3D Animation & VFX Technology
  • BrainMax Beta 3D Animation Technology
  • BrainMax Beta Visual Effects Technology
  • BrainMax Beta 3D Game Design technology
  • BrainMax Industrial 3D Design Technology
  • BrainMax International Animation & VFX Technology

Duration: We offer three different modes for accessing this course.

Normal Track: 36 Months

FastTrack: 24 Months

Express Track: 18 Months

Eligibility: No age limit| Anyone with a passion for a creative career can join