This program is designed for students who are focused on building a full-time career in the multimedia Industry from scratch. We have separate courses dedicated to Animation, VFX and Game Designing. All courses start from the basics and move towards a specialization in its final stages. While the Alpha courses are a combination of Animation and VFX studies, the Beta courses concentrates on a more specific area. This allows the student to pick and choose which technology is of their interest and eliminate the process of spending time learning the others.

All individual courses cover the pre-production, production and post production aspects of the area of specialization. In addition, it concentrates exclusively on all the related software essential to master the student’s choice of media. Particularly, the Game design dedicates a significant part of its curriculum on coding as well.

TERM-1: Visual Art & Art of Digital Pixel Making
TERM-2: 3D Production Pipeline Designs & Development
Term-3: 3D Asset Creation & Game Engine Production Pipeline Process
Term-4: Case Study Live Project & Product Content Development
Course Specs
TERM-1: Visual Art & Art of Digital Pixel Making

Drawing & Painting Study


Storyboarding and Animatics


Concept Art & Animatics


Vector & Raster Illustrations


Photography & VFX Prep


Digital Art & Vector Art Creations


Typography & Motion Graphics


Digital 2D BG Prep & Layouting


Digital 2D Animation Design


Video & Audio Editing Fundamental

TERM-2: 3D Production Pipeline Designs & Development

Fundamental of 3DSMax & Designing Features


Fundamental of 3D designs & Touring Autodesk Maya


Asset Building for Realtime & Post Render Process


3D Character Modeling for Various Media Industry


Advanced Digital Sculpting & Pixel Development Utility


UV Unwrapping Concepts Texturing & Look Development


UV Unwrapping Core Utility Tools & Advanced PBR Texturing


Advanced Asset | Creature Rigging & Core Tools for Games


Advanced Asset | Creature Animation & Core Tools for Games


Advanced Particles Simulations & Sprite concepts


Multi Platform Integration Process for Games & Formats


Progressive Radiosity Render Engine & Baking Pipeline Process

Term-3: 3D Asset Creation & Game Engine Production Pipeline Process

Game Engine Fundamental & Concept Mind Mapping


Unity Asset Creations and Texture Remapping


Advanced Level Design & Elements Organization Techniques


Advanced Terrian & Environmental Level Designing Process


Interactive levels and Mechanics of Attributes configuration


Advanced Lighting and Creature Animation Swapping System


Creating Asset | FPS | TPS Conditions & Triggering Process


Epic Games Unreal Engine Level Creations


Advanced Blueprinting & Character Mapping Techniques


Advanced Hybrid Texturing & PBR Pipeline Process


Virtual Reality Work flow & Archviz Look Development

Term-4: Case Study Live Project & Product Content Development

Game Planning & Tillable Endless Game Creations


Live Case study based Unreal Engine Archviz production Pipeline


Live Case study based VR & AR Production Pipeline Process


Maze Game Content Auto Tour & Level Switching Coding Techniques


First Person Shooter & Content Development


Advanced Survival Game Production Pipeline Process


Game Teaser and Cinematic Interactive Creations


Portfolio on Elective Subjects

Portfolio Development | Level Designer | Content Developer |


Unity Artist | Unreal Artist | Game Designer | Archviz VR Developer |


Game Runner |

Course Specs

Duration: We offer three different modes for accessing this course.


Normal Track: 36 Months | Fast Track: 24 Months | Express Track: 18 Months


Eligibility: No age limit | Anyone with a passion for a creative career can join


Certificate of Specialization: This is an additional certificate given to recognize the specific area in which the student has proved to have great potential. This certificate Is issued only to a few students who exhibit such skills. The selection of such students is at the discretion of the Institution.