The courses under this program are recommended for students looking to gain a strong foundation on the usage of all animation and VFX related software. Therefore, it is to be understood that the course focuses only on the post production process. There are six different courses offered under this package. It is advisable to discuss with the course counsellor on the suitability of the course and time slots according to your individual needs before registering.

The Entry level courses are as follows:

  • BrainMax Digital Design Foundation
  • BrainMax Maya Foundation
  • BrainMax Rotoscopy Foundation
  • BrainMax Matchmove Foundation
  • BrainMax Compositing Foundation
  • BrainMax Editing Foundation

Duration: We offer three different modes for accessing this course.

Normal Track: 3 Months

Fast Track: 2 Months

Express Track: 1 Months

Eligibility: No age limit| Anyone with a passion for a creative career can join