The Advanced Diploma program is similar to the professional diploma courses. The only area where they differ is that these courses train the students to design and create for very specific industries. It is up to the student to design if they want to be a 3D Modeler, a texturing specialist or work with the interior design industry.Therefore, one gets hands on training with all software that are related to these industries and further build a career in these areas. These courses are shorter than the professional diploma courses and more flexible with the modules it offers. A major amount of emphasis is on the post production process under this category.

The Advanced Diploma Courses are as follows:

  • BrainMax Advanced Diploma in Vector & Raster Design
  • BrainMax Advanced Diploma in Motion Graphics
  • BrainMax Advanced Diploma in Interior Design
  • BrainMax Advanced Diploma in Game Design Technology
  • BrainMax Advanced Diploma in 3D Modelling
  • BrainMax Advanced Diploma in Texturing and Shading

Duration: We offer three different modes for accessing this course.

Normal Track: 12 Months

FastTrack: 8 Months

Express Track: 6 Months

Eligibility: No age limit| Anyone with a passion for a creative career can join